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Direct help Ukrainian defenders to fight for freedom against russian invasion

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People helped
Total amount raised
People helped

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Follow our hot news, deliveries to the army, adventures, stories & much more. 
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Active requests
Who’ve asked us for help right now, to collect donations for:
Liberation of Kherson by special forces and the Armed Forces
  • Bulletproof vests (200+);
  • Helmets (200+);
  • First-aid kits  (300);
  • Tactical gloves (100);
  • Thermal imager  (3);
  • Night Vision (6);
  • Summer Clothes and Boots (300);
  • Starlink (2);
  • Off-road cars (5).
60th military brigade of the Armed Forces
  • Bulletproof vests (50+);  
  • Helmets (50+);
  • First-aid kits (100+);
  • Tactical gloves (50+);
  • Thermal imager (3+);
  • Pick-ups (1+);
  • Vans (1+).
17th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces
  • Bulletproof vests (50+);  
  • Helmets (50+);
  • First-aid kits (60+);
  • Tactical gloves (60+);
  • Thermal imager (3+);
  • Off-road cars (4).

What we value the most: human life and freedom

This is how our lovely peaceful Ukraine looks now. Look at these photos.
The brutal invasion of the Russian army have caused thousands of innocent deaths and unspeakable suffering. Once peaceful cities are being leveled to the ground by the Russians and millions of Ukrainians are forced to flee for safety. But it cannot and won’t break us.

LGV Fund is an example of that. We stand firm by our duty to supply our hero-defenders with everything they need. That’s to save countless Ukrainian lives, fight the invading evil and win.
This is how Ukraine looks right now. Scroll through these photos to feel our pain.


We are doing this because it’s impossible to stay away.


We are organized. We act with cool heads. We respond quickly and that delivers results.


We are powerful when united. In fact, we could likely rotate the Earth together.


We are caring for heroes who fight on the frontline every day. Our support is saving lives.

Direct help

We work directly with soldiers and their commanders to understand the real needs and deliver at the speed of light.


We are an officially registered fund CO CF “LGV FUND”. We act transparently – issue documents and reports for the support. 

Use of funds

We do not send funds to anybody directly. Instead, we find, purchase and deliver things by our trusted network of volunteers to avoid any fraud or misappropriation. In essence, we do what single volunteers can’t do and bigger funds are not interested in.
Medicines, tourniquets, bandages, antiseptics and so on. Help for medical centers.
Body protection
Bulletproof vests, helmets, everything that save our defenders’ lives.
Intelligence & targeting
Thermal & night visions, scopes, drones, rangefinders, collimator sights and more
Cars, ATVs, motorcycles and everything that can deliver soldiers from A to B
Starlinks, walkie-talkies, solar panels, diesel generators, car invertors
Tactical clothing
Military uniform, tactical gloves, boots, vests, camouflage, googles
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Your support allows us to deliver much more!

Here is a small part of what we’ve done together.
...and countless other photos and videos of aid delivered, cooperation with other volunteers and funds and much more.

We are fighting for our freedom with your help

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Total amount raised
Team behind it
Dmytro Kravchenko
LGV Founder, Problem Solving Zen
Entrepreneurial experience, owner of Brave Wings design agency, Smoozly and Liro apps. Can’t overcome the burning desire to help people and organize chaotic volunteer assistance in an organized structure.
Co-founder. European Supply Hero
She's the kindest person ever. She knows the ones, who know the other ones, to find and purchase anything. I have a feeling that she can find a unicorn horn if she has to. Already organized convoys of trucks with humanitarian aid.
Lithuanian Partnerships
This superhero is always ready to help Ukraine, no questions asked. He knows what our soldiers need and works hard to enable them reach the ultimate goal - VICTORY. Tadas has been helping Ukraine since his proactive live support at Maidan (December 2013) and has never tired of supporting our fight for the freedom of choice for our future.
Lithuanian Partnerships
Our patient Lithuanian fairy who are not just deeply concerned, but deeply into real actions. Since the first meeting Lina is working on communication and fundrasaing in Europe to cover our soldiers needs.
Main support
A man who will devote all his time to helping LGV team. You shouldn't never be asked for help, he will understand only at a glance.
Hero Delivery Coordinator
The bravest person I’ve ever met. Cold-headed man, one of the best enduro-rally riders and trainer. He gives himself completely to the job and doesn’t hesitate a second. He has a stern sense of humor we love him for. He can deliver everything.
Technical Development
Our technical support and development hero. Iuliia maintains our website, payment integrations and everything around the tech side. Gives herself at 100% to the fund, even when have no energy or deadly tired. A sense of duty and dedication is all about her.
Tech Supplier
Working the hardest to find any technical equipment all around Europe. By having awesome diplomating skills, he can make the best price deals under the toughest legal conditions. Illia is responsible for awesome equipment for our heroes.
Medical Supply
Medical Supply
Supplier Hero
SMM Manager

Hall of Fame

Your priceless help will go down in history. Your names shan’t be forgotten. Make your donation and join it today.
Ukrainian Military Forces
We provide direct help to these heroes, who defend our freedom. Eternal gratitude to:
101-st Nattalion
72nd Brigade
60 Brigade
17 Brigade
80 Brigade
93rd Brigade
134th Battalion
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Donation details
  1. Before the trip, we’ll ask you for personal details, to check your personality by the Security Service of Ukraine;
  2. We cover your trip only inside Ukraine: transfer, food, living.
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